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Electrical equivalent model of meta-materials based on circular SRR

  • Mondher Labidi (a1) and Fethi Choubani (a1)


This work focuses on the circuit modeling and full-wave analysis behavior of circular split ring resonator (SRR). We investigate an equivalent circuit model that allows calculating the resonant frequency from the geometric parameters. Equivalent LC parameters of inductance and capacitance are derived using conformal mapping and constitutive equations. Lumped element equivalent circuit models of resonator are investigated highlighting the behavior of inductance and capacitance. In order to validate our proposed analytical LC model, a comparison of theoretical and simulation results has been performed and a good agreement is achieved with a maximum error of 4.23% and a minimum error of 0.52%, which supports the validity of the equivalent model.


Corresponding author

Corresponding author: M. Labidi Email:


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Electrical equivalent model of meta-materials based on circular SRR

  • Mondher Labidi (a1) and Fethi Choubani (a1)


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