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A dual-wideband bandpass filter using open/shorted coupled lines

  • Xiao-Le Bo (a1), Yong-Hong Zhang (a1), Xiao-Kun Li (a1), Yang Yang (a2), Yin Tian (a2) and Yong Fan (a1)...


A compact dual-wideband (DWB) bandpass filter utilizing open-shorted coupled lines (OSCL) is proposed in this paper. The introduction of the folded structure not only reduces the overall size but also contribute to the split of the transmission zero (TZ), which improves the selectivity effectively. Six transmission poles and five TZs are realized utilizing the shorted-circuit stub and OSCL. The characteristic of the flexible adjustment method of TZs guarantees an independently wide adjustable range of the bandwidth. For demonstration, a DWB filter (3 dB bandwidth 120 and 28%, respectively) is designed and fabricated. The filter is compact and has the characteristics of extraordinary wide bandwidth, low insertion loss, as well as high selectivity.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Yonghong Zhang, E-mail:


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