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Development of a mid range automotive radar sensor for future driver assistance systems

  • Raik Schnabel (a1), Raphael Hellinger (a1), Dirk Steinbuch (a1), Joachim Selinger (a1), Michael Klar (a1) and Bernhard Lucas (a1)...


Radar sensors are key components of modern driver assistance systems. The application of such systems in urban environments for safety applications is the primary goal of the project “Radar on Chip for Cars” (RoCC). Major outcomes of this project will be presented and discussed in this contribution. These outcomes include the specification of radar sensors for future driver assistance systems, radar concepts, and integration technologies for silicon-germanium (SiGe) MMICs, as well as the development and evaluation of a system demonstrator. A radar architecture utilizing planar antennas and highly integrated components will be proposed and discussed with respect to system specifications. The developed system demonstrator will be evaluated in terms of key parameters such as field of view, distance, and angular separability. Finally, as an outlook a new mid range radar (MRR) will be introduced incorporating several concepts and technologies developed in this project.


Corresponding author

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