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The AMINO experiment: RNA stability under solar radiation studied on the EXPOSE-R facility of the International Space Station

  • Jacques Vergne (a1), Hervé Cottin (a2), Laura da Silva (a1), André Brack (a3), Didier Chaput (a4) and Marie-Christine Maurel (a1)...


Careful examination of the present metabolism and in vitro selection of various catalytic RNAs strongly support the RNA world hypothesis as a crucial step of the origins and early life evolution. Small functional RNAs were exposed from 10 March 2009 to 21 January 2011 to space conditions on board the International Space Station in the EXPOSE-R mission. The aim of this study was to investigate the preservation or modification properties such as integrity of RNAs after space exposition. The exposition to the solar radiation has a strong degradation effect on the size distribution of RNA. Moreover, the comparison between the in-flight samples, exposed to the Sun and not exposed, indicates that the solar radiation degrades RNA bases.


Corresponding author


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