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Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics
  • ISSN: 2054-4200 (Online)
  • Frequency: 1 volume per year

Editor-in-Chief: Manjinder Sandhu Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute | University of Cambridge

Editorial Board

GHEG publishes research that increases our understanding of human health and disease worldwide. Spanning both non-communicable and communicable diseases, GHEG provides a platform to integrate population science, genomics and related technological advances in the global health context. Topics relevant to GHEG include studies, methods and resources relating to disease aetiology, variation in disease susceptibility, drug resistance and surveillance, pharmacogenomics and stratified medicine, as well as the challenges of implementing new developments into clinical practice and the community, globally. We recognise the importance of the broader cultural, ethical and historical aspects of global health and populations and welcome contributions in these areas. The field of global health, epidemiology and genomics is an emerging field which GHEG facilitates by providing a forum for global discourse and the publication of new perspectives and paradigms. In this context, GHEG invites contributions from a range of disciplines and stakeholders, and covering a variety of research methods and analyses. In addition to Original Research Articles and Brief Reports, GHEG accepts structured Reviews, as well as Commentaries and Perspectives. The journal also supports submission of Protocols, Research Resources and Analysis. GHEG also considers relevant Letters that respond to published papers.