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  • ISSN: 2045-3817 (Print), 2045-3825 (Online)
  • Editors: Jacob Eisler University of Southampton, UK, Jonathan Havercroft University of Southampton, UK, Professor Susan Kang City University of New York, USA, Susan Kang City University of New York, USA, Jo Shaw University of Edinburgh, UK, and Antje Wiener University of Hamburg, Germany and University of Cambridge, UK
  • Editorial board
Global Constitutionalism (GlobCon) offers an interdisciplinary space for addressing the foundations, limitations and contestations of the principles and norms of political order and their dynamics over time on a global scale. The journal publishes cutting-edge peer-reviewed work which refers to and advances global constitutionalism as an interdisciplinary field. Submissions are invited from a broad range of disciplines including International Law, Political Science, International Relations, Comparative Constitutional Law, Comparative Politics, Political Theory and Philosophy. In the first issue of each volume, the editors critically engage with progress made and challenges which lie ahead for further advancement of the field. These annual editorials are published on a free-to-read basis.

Published with the institutional support of Southampton Law School, the School of Economic, Social, and Political Sciences, and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton, UK.