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Periodic stabilization for linear time-periodic ordinary differential equations∗∗

  • Gengsheng Wang (a1) and Yashan Xu (a2)


This paper studies the periodic feedback stabilization of the controlled linear time-periodic ordinary differential equation: (t) = A(t)y(t) + B(t)u(t), t ≥ 0, where [A(·), B(·)] is a T-periodic pair, i.e., A(·) ∈ L(ℝ+; ℝn×n) and B(·) ∈ L(ℝ+; ℝn×m) satisfy respectively A(t + T) = A(t) for a.e. t ≥ 0 and B(t + T) = B(t) for a.e. t ≥ 0. Two periodic stablization criteria for a T-period pair [A(·), B(·)] are established. One is an analytic criterion which is related to the transformation over time T associated with A(·); while another is a geometric criterion which is connected with the null-controllable subspace of [A(·), B(·)]. Two kinds of periodic feedback laws for a T-periodically stabilizable pair [ A(·), B(·) ] are constructed. They are accordingly connected with two Cauchy problems of linear ordinary differential equations. Besides, with the aid of the geometric criterion, we find a way to determine, for a given T-periodic A(·), the minimal column number m, as well as a time-invariant n×m matrix B, such that the pair [A(·), B] is T-periodically stabilizable.



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