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Numerical taxonomy of Encrinurinae (Trilobita): additional species from China and elsewhere

  • J. T. Temple (a1) and Wu Hong-ji (a2)


The numerical taxonomic analysis of encrinurine trilobites by Temple and Tripp (1979) is extended to 28 described Chinese species, 35 other Chinese samples, and 13 non-Chinese species, in addition to 56 species analysed previously. The 132 entities are coded for 34 cranidial and pygidial attributes, and are ordinated on the eigenvectors of the interattribute correlation matrix for 32 attributes. Chinese material falls into four clusters informally compared with Coronocephalus, Kailia, Encrinuroides and Encrinurus. The Encrinurus-like Chinese species occur mainly in Northern China and have links with non-Chinese species.



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Numerical taxonomy of Encrinurinae (Trilobita): additional species from China and elsewhere

  • J. T. Temple (a1) and Wu Hong-ji (a2)


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