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First evidence of insect herbivory on Albian aquatic angiosperms of the NE Iberian Peninsula

  • Pablo EstÉvez-Gallardo (a1), Luis M. Sender (a2), Eduardo Mayoral (a3) and José B. Diez (a1)


Evidence of herbivory on Laurasian Nymphaeaceae leaves from Lower Cretaceous (Upper Albian) deposits is presented for the first time. The types of damage on leaves consist of both hole feeding and margin feeding, which were found on foliar remains of the taxa Ploufolia cerciforme and Aquatifolia cf. fluitans. Within the first category of damage, the Damage Type 78 (DT78) type on Ploufolia leaves and type DT02 on Aquatifolia foliar lamina were recorded. The second category of damage has only been identified in Ploufolia leaves, and it corresponds to type DT12. The subsequent palaeoichnologic interpretation made it possible to compare these records with damage caused by the extant water lily pest to make a possible palaeoecological interpretation.


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First evidence of insect herbivory on Albian aquatic angiosperms of the NE Iberian Peninsula

  • Pablo EstÉvez-Gallardo (a1), Luis M. Sender (a2), Eduardo Mayoral (a3) and José B. Diez (a1)


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