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Surface fractal dimensions of synthetic clay-hydrous iron oxide associations from nitrogen adsorption isotherms and mercury porosimetry

  • R. Cells (a1), J. Cornejo (a1) and M. C. Hermosin (a1)


Model associations of layer silicates (kaolinite and montmorillonite) and iron oxyhydroxides were obtained by precipitating hydrous iron oxide in clay suspensions at different loading. The porosity of these clay-hydrous iron oxide associations was studied in the macro- and mesopore range by mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) and in the micropore region by nitrogen adsorption isotherms, being the fractal geometry applied to the approaches used in porosity studies. Results of nitrogen adsorption isotherms showed that surface area and microporosity of kaolinite and montmorillonite increased upon Fe precipitation, especially for montmorillonite. This process is accompanied by an increase in the surface fractal dimension Ds(N2) by the presence of hydrous iron oxide coating the clay particles. Results of MIP also showed a decrease in the pore volume by Fe precipitation on montmorillonite due to a decrease in the number of large pores and a development of new medium-size pores. An increase of the fractal dimension Ds(Hg) was also observed.



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Surface fractal dimensions of synthetic clay-hydrous iron oxide associations from nitrogen adsorption isotherms and mercury porosimetry

  • R. Cells (a1), J. Cornejo (a1) and M. C. Hermosin (a1)


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