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Two Plautine Names: Milphio and Milphidippa

  • H. D. Jocelyn (a1)


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1 Cf. Dioscorides i. 109, Galen xii. 725.

2 Cf. Galen xii. 789, xiv. 413.

3 See Donatus on Ter. Ad. 26: nomina personarum, in comoediis dumtaxat, habere debent rationem et etymologiam.

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5 Cf. Pape, W. and Benseler, G., Wörterbuch der griechischen Eigennamen3 (Brauna-schweig, 18631870), s. vv. Μιλφιδ⋯ππη, Μιλφ⋯ων.

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7 Cf. Vettius Valens, p. 110. 16 Kroll.

8 Cf. Probl. iv. 18 (878b22 ff.), Pliny N.H. xi. 154.

9 See verse 313.

10 See Homer, Od. xxii. 444 ff.

11 Cf. Epid. 66, Merc. 204, Most. 890, Pseud. 1180–1, Rud. 1074–5.

Two Plautine Names: Milphio and Milphidippa

  • H. D. Jocelyn (a1)


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