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Horace, Epistles ii. 2. 87 ff.: another view2

  • M. J. McGann (a1)


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page 266 note 3 When the soldier in Lucullus' army loses his viatica (Epist. ii. 2. 26 ff.), he suffers a fate like Horace's after Philippi and reacts in a similar way (cf. Wistrand, E. in Archiloque [Fondation Hardt, Entretiens, Tome x] [Vandœuvres, 1964], p. 265). But while the soldier had amassed his savings multis aerumnis, Horace loses his father's house and farm (50 f.).

page 267 note 1 Cf. Orelli–Baiter, ad loc, and F. Villeneuve's Budé translation: ‘De plus une source, assez importante pour donner son nom … et telle que l'Hèbre ne serpente pas …, y coule ….’ Heinze's interpretation is in essentials similar to that given above.

page 267 note 2 This is an objection to Cameron's conjecture, frater… rhetor, et alter / … audibat.

2 I am most grateful to Mr. R. G. M. Nisbet for reading a draft of this note.

Horace, Epistles ii. 2. 87 ff.: another view2

  • M. J. McGann (a1)


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