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An Unpublished Epigram on Heliodorus' Aethiopica

  • Robert Browning (a1)


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page 141 note 1 Heliodori Aethiopica Aristides Colonna recensuit, Rome, 1938, pp. 361372.

page 141 note 2 Printed from Cod. Laur. gr. 86. 8, fol. 304v–305 by Bandini, A. M., Catalogus codicum graecorum Bibliothecae Laurentianae, t. 3, 1770, cob. 322323: inc. .

page 141 note 3 On John Eugenicus cf. Krumbacher, , Geschichte der byz. Literatur 2, pp. 495 ff.; Salaville, S., Dictionnaire de théologie catholique, 5. ii. 1497–1501.

page 142 note 1 Cf. Krumbacher, op. cit., p. 648.

page 143 note 1 A Catalogue of the Manuscripts preserved in the British Museum, hitherto undescribed …, by Ayscough, Samuel, Clerk. London, 1782.

page 143 note 2 e.g. the Sylloge Euphemiana, in Cod. Paris, gr. 1773, fol. 257V–265V, Cod. Paris, gr. 2720, fol. 6–10v, Cod. Laur. gr. 57. 29, fol. 153V–161; another collection precedes the Sylloge Euphemiana in Cod. Paris, gr. 1773 and Cod. Laur. gr. 57. 29; a third is contained in Cod. Paris, suppl. gr. 352, fol. 179–182v; Cod. Paris, gr. 1630 contains several short groups of epigrams. On these and other collections cf. Anthologie grecque: texte établi et traduit par Pierre Waltz, vol. i, 1928, lii–lviii.

An Unpublished Epigram on Heliodorus' Aethiopica

  • Robert Browning (a1)


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