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Balloon dilation for aortic recoarctation: morphology at the site of dilation and long-term efficacy

  • Christian Mann (a1), Georg Goebel (a2), Andreas Eicken (a3), Thomas Genz (a3), Walter Sebening (a3), Harald Kaemmerer (a3), Ignaz Hammerer (a1) and John Hess (a3)...


Objectives: We undertook this study to assess the immediate and long-term outcome of balloon angioplasty performed for recurrent or residual coarctation of the aorta, and to assess the changes in the vessel wall caused by this procedure. Methods: Clinical, echocardiographic, angiographic and hemodynamic data from 71 patients who underwent balloon angioplasty for recoarctation between January 1987 and January 1998 were analysed retrospectively. Results: Angioplasty was performed after a median of 82.6 months (range 1.4 mo – 20.9 y, mean 88.5 mo) following surgery for coarctation. Mean systolic pressure gradients were reduced from 27±15 mmHg to 11 ± 11 m m Hg after angioplasty (p< 0.0001). The mean diameter at the site of recoarctation increased from 5.5±2.5 to 7.5±2.7 mm(p< 0.0001). Outpouchings of contrast agents, indicating the disruption of the inner layers of the vessel wall, were defined as extravasations. They were observed in one-quarter of the angiograms performed immediately after the intervention. Immediate success of angioplasty was achieved in 71%, and persisted in 69% of patients during long-term follow up. The main determinant for immediate success was the age at the time of the procedure (p<0.05), while the main determinant for long-term success was the increase achieved in diameter. Extravasations did not progress to aneurysms, neither acutely nor during echocardiographic follow-up studies. For further follow-up, more sensitive imaging techniques will be necessary to delineate the morphology of the site of extravasation observed immediately after angioplasty.


Corresponding author

Correspondence to: Dr. C. Mann, Department of Pediatric Cardiology, University Children's Hospital, Anichstr. 35, A – 6020 Innsbruck, Austria. Tel: 0043 5522 43 13314; Fax: 0043 5522 43 1339; E-mail:


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Balloon dilation for aortic recoarctation: morphology at the site of dilation and long-term efficacy

  • Christian Mann (a1), Georg Goebel (a2), Andreas Eicken (a3), Thomas Genz (a3), Walter Sebening (a3), Harald Kaemmerer (a3), Ignaz Hammerer (a1) and John Hess (a3)...


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