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Yamabe Solitons and Ricci Solitons on Almost co-Kähler Manifolds

  • Young Jin Suh (a1) and Uday Chand De (a2)


The object of this paper is to study Yamabe solitons on almost co-Kähler manifolds as well as on $(k,\unicode[STIX]{x1D707})$ -almost co-Kähler manifolds. We also study Ricci solitons on $(k,\unicode[STIX]{x1D707})$ -almost co-Kähler manifolds.



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The first author was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea, Grant Proj. No. NRF-2018-R1D1A1B-05040381.



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Yamabe Solitons and Ricci Solitons on Almost co-Kähler Manifolds

  • Young Jin Suh (a1) and Uday Chand De (a2)


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