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About this journal
Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies
  • ISSN: 1528-8870 (Print), 2049-7636 (Online)
  • Frequency: 1 volume per year
The Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies (CYELS) offers authors and readers a space for sustained reflection and conversation about the challenges facing Europe and the diverse legal contexts in which those challenges are addressed. It identifies European Legal Studies as a broad field of legal enquiry encompassing not only European Union law but also the law emanating from the Council of Europe; comparative European public and private law; and national law in its interaction with European legal sources.

The Yearbook is a publication of the Centre for European Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge.

The Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies is the journal of the Centre for European Legal Studies, University of Cambridge.

Article types published:

  • Article*

* these articles types may be covered under one of the agreements Cambridge University Press has made to support open access. If funding is unavailable for the other article types, waivers are available.

CYELS applies a double-blind peer review process for manuscripts. We value our reviewers and thank you for your contributions to the success of CYELS.