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The BJPolS team remains committed to minimising the disruption caused by the current outbreak. However, there will inevitably be some disruption for everyone involved with the journal. Authors will appreciate that editors and reviewers need a little longer than usual to turn papers around; similarly, we appreciate that authors will also need longer than usual. Anyone experiencing disruption and difficulties in meeting a deadline can contact us - we will respond with flexibility and sympathy.

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  • Editors: Cristina Bodea Michigan State University, USA, Paul Bou-Habib University of Essex, UK, Shaun Bowler University of California, Riverside, USA, Tobias Böhmelt University of Essex, UK, Lucas Leemann University of Zurich, Switzerland (Lead Editor), René Lindstädt University of Birmingham, UK, and Petra Schleiter University of Oxford, UK
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The British Journal of Political Science (BJPolS) is a broadly based journal aiming to cover developments across a wide range of countries and specialisms. Contributions are drawn from all fields of political science (including political theory, political behaviour, public policy and international relations), and articles from scholars in related disciplines (sociology, social psychology, economics and philosophy) appear frequently. With a reputation established over 50 years of publication, the BJPolS is widely recognised as one of the premier journals in its field.

Why Is There No Just Riot Theory?

Read the article or use the link below to listen to a recording of Jonathan Havercroft's prize-winning article.

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