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Editorial board

Dr Hella Eckardt, University of Reading, UK

Reviews Editor

Dr William Bowden, (For the Britannia Reviews Editor)|c/o The Librarian|Hellenic and Roman Societies|Senate House, Malet Street|London|WC1E 7HU|UK

Editorial Committee

Mr Paul T. Bidwell, TWM Archaeology, UK

Mr Paul Booth, Oxford Archaeology, UK

Dr Andrew Gardner, University College London, UK

Dr Natasha Harlow, University of Nottingham, UK

Mr Neil Holbrook , Cotswold Archaeology, UK

Dr Fraser Hunter, National Museums of Scotland, UK

Dr Lisa Lodwick, All Souls College, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Louise Revell, University of Southampton, UK

Dr Pete Wilson, University of York, UK


Paul L. Jackson, Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies, UK