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Different Perspectives on Antarctic Science, An Homage to Prof. Andrés Barbosa
09 Jan 2024
Antarctic Science Special Collection Call for Papers

Different Perspectives on Antarctic Science, An Homage to Prof. Andrés Barbosa

This collection is dedicated to Prof. Andrés Barbosa, an eminent researcher on birds, mainly penguins. Andrés was a world-known polar evolutionary ecologist studying the ecology and behaviour of Antarctic penguins. He also managed polar research in Spain and was scientific advisor for many institutions, agencies and associations, at a both national and international level. Andrés was always a source of inspiration for other scientists as well as a great colleague and friend. It is for all of these reasons that we aim to dedicate a special collection of articles in his honour.

We aim to produce a Special Collection of articles that will cover a wide spectrum of interests stimulating collaboration at all levels. Hence, the Special Volume will include articles on the biology and ecology of penguins, but also a broad range of other topics, according to the journal scope, including biology and ecology of Antarctic organisms, biodiversity, microbiology, geology, geophysics, geomorphology, permafrost, glaciology, climatology, etc. Also, we will include science dissemination and other scientific assays related to Dr Barbosa interests. 

We believe that this Special Volume, besides being a homage to Dr Barbosa, will have global Antarctic scientific interest that will attract the whole Polar scientific community.

The Editorial Board of this collection will be formed by:

- Virginia Morandini  
- Javier Almendros 
- Miguel Angel de Pablo 
- Dolors Vaqué 
- Conxita Avila

Penguin Image: ANS Collection
Penguin Image 2