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On the chemical composition of prehistoric Greek copper-based artefacts from mainland Greece1

  • Helen Mangou (a1) and Panayiotis V. Ioannou (a2)


170 copper-based objects from various sites in mainland Greece covering the Late Neolithic period and the whole of the Bronze Age have been analysed for their chemical content (twelve elements) by atomic absorption spectroscopy. The results indicate that at all sites during the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age relatively pure copper and arsenical copper were used, while during the Middle and Late Bronze Ages bronze dominated. Bronze objects of the Early Bronze Age were probably imported. Lead was not usually used to help casting. Metallographic examination of eight Late Neolithic, Early and Late Bronze Age hammered objects revealed that they have been cold-worked and annealed, most probably through several cycles.



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On the chemical composition of prehistoric Greek copper-based artefacts from mainland Greece1

  • Helen Mangou (a1) and Panayiotis V. Ioannou (a2)


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