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Review: The roles and functions of glutamine on intestinal health and performance of weaning pigs

  • F. J. Ji (a1) (a2) (a3), L. X. Wang (a1) (a3), H. S. Yang (a1) (a3), A. Hu (a1) and Y. L. Yin (a1) (a3) (a4)...


The gut is composed of a single layer of intestinal epithelial cells and plays important roles in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, immune and barrier functions and amino acid metabolism. Weaning stress impairs piglet intestinal epithelium structural and functional integrities, which results in reduced feed intake, growth rates and increased morbidity and mortality. Several measures are needed to maintain swine gut development and growth performance after weaning stress. A large body of evidence indicates that, in weaning piglets, glutamine, a functional amino acid, may improve growth performance and intestinal morphology, reduce oxidative damage, stimulate enterocyte proliferation, modulate cell survival and death and enhance intestinal paracellular permeability. This review focuses on the effects of glutamine on intestinal health in piglets. The aim is to provide evidentiary support for using glutamine as a feed additive to alleviate weaning stress.

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      Review: The roles and functions of glutamine on intestinal health and performance of weaning pigs
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      Review: The roles and functions of glutamine on intestinal health and performance of weaning pigs
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      Review: The roles and functions of glutamine on intestinal health and performance of weaning pigs
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Corresponding author



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These two authors contributed equally to this work.



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Review: The roles and functions of glutamine on intestinal health and performance of weaning pigs

  • F. J. Ji (a1) (a2) (a3), L. X. Wang (a1) (a3), H. S. Yang (a1) (a3), A. Hu (a1) and Y. L. Yin (a1) (a3) (a4)...


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