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Rearing conditions and life history influence the progress of gametogenesis and reproduction performances in pikeperch males and females

  • A. Khendek (a1), A. Chakraborty (a1), J. Roche (a1), Y. Ledoré (a1), A. Personne (a1), T. Policar (a2), D. Żarski (a3), R. Mandiki (a4), P. Kestemont (a4), S. Milla (a1) and P. Fontaine (a1)...


Pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) is a highly valuable fish in Europe. However, development of aquaculture of pikeperch is highly limited due to seasonality of production. This can be overcome by the controlled reproduction of domesticated fish. The first steps of domestication process may induce changes at anatomical, physiological and molecular levels, thereby affecting a variety of biological functions. While there is abundant literature on their effects on stress and growth for example, these effects on reproduction received limited attention notably in pikeperch, a promising candidate for the development of aquaculture. To answer the question of this life-history effect on pikeperch’s reproduction, we compared two groups (weight: 1 kg) originated from Czech Republic and with the same domestication level (F0). The first group was a recirculating aquatic system cultured one (2 years, previously fed with artificial diet, never exposed to natural changes in temperature/photoperiod conditions) and the second one was a pond cultured group (3 to 4 years, bred under natural feeding and temperature/photoperiod). The wild group successfully spawned, while the farmed one did not spawn at all. During the program, gonadosomatic indexes of both males and females were significantly higher for the wild fish, as well as the sexual steroids. Gene expression analysis revealed significantly lower LH transcript levels at the pituitary level for the farmed females and lower FSH transcript levels at the pituitary level for the males. In conclusion this study showed that the previous rearing conditions (e.g. culture system, age, diet, etc.) alter the further progress of gametogenesis and the reproductive performances in response to controlled photothermal program for both sexes in pikeperch.


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Rearing conditions and life history influence the progress of gametogenesis and reproduction performances in pikeperch males and females

  • A. Khendek (a1), A. Chakraborty (a1), J. Roche (a1), Y. Ledoré (a1), A. Personne (a1), T. Policar (a2), D. Żarski (a3), R. Mandiki (a4), P. Kestemont (a4), S. Milla (a1) and P. Fontaine (a1)...


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