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New insights into mitogenomic phylogeny and copy number in eight indigenous sheep populations based on the ATP synthase and cytochrome c oxidase genes

  • P. Xiao (a1), L. L. Niu (a1), Q. J. Zhao (a2), X. Y. Chen (a3), L. J. Wang (a1), L. Li (a1), H. P. Zhang (a1), J. Z. Guo (a1), H. Y. Xu (a1) and T. Zhong (a1)...


The origins and phylogeny of different sheep breeds has been widely studied using polymorphisms within the mitochondrial hypervariable region. However, little is known about the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) content and phylogeny based on mtDNA protein-coding genes. In this study, we assessed the phylogeny and copy number of the mtDNA in eight indigenous (population size, n=184) and three introduced (n=66) sheep breeds in China based on five mitochondrial coding genes (COX1, COX2, ATP8, ATP6 and COX3). The mean haplotype and nucleotide diversities were 0.944 and 0.00322, respectively. We identified a correlation between the lineages distribution and the genetic distance, whereby Valley-type Tibetan sheep had a closer genetic relationship with introduced breeds (Dorper, Poll Dorset and Suffolk) than with other indigenous breeds. Similarly, the Median-joining profile of haplotypes revealed the distribution of clusters according to genetic differences. Moreover, copy number analysis based on the five mitochondrial coding genes was affected by the genetic distance combining with genetic phylogeny; we also identified obvious non-synonymous mutations in ATP6 between the different levels of copy number expressions. These results imply that differences in mitogenomic compositions resulting from geographical separation lead to differences in mitochondrial function.


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New insights into mitogenomic phylogeny and copy number in eight indigenous sheep populations based on the ATP synthase and cytochrome c oxidase genes

  • P. Xiao (a1), L. L. Niu (a1), Q. J. Zhao (a2), X. Y. Chen (a3), L. J. Wang (a1), L. Li (a1), H. P. Zhang (a1), J. Z. Guo (a1), H. Y. Xu (a1) and T. Zhong (a1)...


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