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Genetic analyses of sensory characteristics and relationships with fatty acid composition in the meat from Scottish Blackface lambs

  • E. Karamichou (a1), R. I. Richardson (a2), G. R. Nute (a2), J. D. Wood (a2) and S. C. Bishop (a1)...


Genetic parameters for eating quality assessed by trained taste panellists were estimated on longissimus thoracis et lumborum (LTL) muscle in Scottish Blackface lambs, comprising lines previously divergently selected for carcass lean content (FAT and LEAN lines) as well as crosses between these lines. Also, relationships between eating quality assessments and fatty acid composition were investigated. Eating quality and fatty acid phenotypic measurements were made on 350 male lambs, at ca. 8 months of age. Eating quality measurements included 18 descriptive terms and fatty acid composition measurements included in total 17 fatty acids of three types: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. The FAT line had juicier meat and more vegetable flavour than the LEAN line. Most of the eating quality traits were moderately to highly heritable, with heritabilities ranging from 0.21 (lamb flavour) to 0.92 (sweet flavour). Lamb flavour, juiciness and overall liking were strongly negatively correlated with individual polyunsaturated fatty acids, with the correlations being significantly different from zero. Overall liking was strongly positively correlated with the proportion of total monounsaturated fatty acids. This study provides new information on genetic parameters for eating quality traits in sheep, which may lead to novel opportunities for genetically improving these traits.


Corresponding author


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Genetic analyses of sensory characteristics and relationships with fatty acid composition in the meat from Scottish Blackface lambs

  • E. Karamichou (a1), R. I. Richardson (a2), G. R. Nute (a2), J. D. Wood (a2) and S. C. Bishop (a1)...


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