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Effects of replacement of Moringa oleifera for berseem clover in the diets of Nubian goats on feed utilisation, and milk yield, composition and fatty acid profile

  • A. E. Kholif (a1), G. A. Gouda (a1), O. A. Olafadehan (a2) and M. M. Abdo (a1)


Replacement of conventional feedstuffs with cheap non-conventional ingredients may improve livestock performance and the quality of their products, particularly milk. The study considered the effects of Moringa oleifera (MO) foliage in replacement of berseem clover (BC) on feed utilisation and lactational performance in Nubian goats. A total of 16 lactating Nubian does, weighing 36.2±0.8 kg, were randomly assigned to four experimental treatments containing 0, 125, 250 and 375 g of MO per kg diet to replace 0 (M0), 25 (M25), 50 (M50) and 75% (M75) of BC (on dry matter (DM) basis) in a quadruplicated 4×4 Latin square design. The MO diets increased (P<0.01) feed intake and nutrient digestibility. Feeding MO diets improved (P<0.01) ruminal volatile fatty acids, acetate and propionate but reduced (P<0.01) valerate and iso-butyrate. Moringa diets increased (P<0.01) serum total protein, albumin and glucose but decreased (P<0.05) cholesterol and triglycerides. Milk yield and energy corrected milk, and milk total solids, fat and energy content were increased (P<0.01) in MO diets. Yields of milk components and energy were greater (P<0.05) for MO diets than for control diet. Milk total saturated fatty acids and athrogenicity index were lower (P<0.01), and unsaturated fatty acids, conjugated fatty acids and UFA/SFA ratio higher (P<0.05) for MO diets. It is concluded that feeding MO to replace 75% DM of BC improved feed utilisation, ruminal fermentation, and milk yield and quality in lactating Nubian goats.


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Effects of replacement of Moringa oleifera for berseem clover in the diets of Nubian goats on feed utilisation, and milk yield, composition and fatty acid profile

  • A. E. Kholif (a1), G. A. Gouda (a1), O. A. Olafadehan (a2) and M. M. Abdo (a1)


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