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Effect of protein or energy restriction during late gestation on hormonal and metabolic status in pregnant goats and postnatal male offspring

  • Z. X. He (a1) (a2), Z. H. Sun (a3), K. A. Beauchemin (a2), W. Z. Yang (a2), S. X. Tang (a1), C. S. Zhou (a1), X. F. Han (a1), M. Wang (a1), J. H. Kang (a1) and Z. L. Tan (a1)...


The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of maternal protein or energy restriction on hormonal and metabolic status of pregnant goats during late gestation and their postnatal male kids. Forty-five pregnant goats were fed a control (CON), 40% protein-restricted (PR) or 40% energy-restricted (ER) diet from 90 days of gestation until parturition. Plasma of mothers (90, 125 and 145 days of gestation) and kids (6 weeks of age) were sampled to determine metabolites and hormones. Glucose concentration for pregnant goats subjected to PR or ER was less (P<0.001) than that of CON goats at 125 and 145 days of gestation. However, plasma nonesterified fatty acids concentration was greater (P<0.01) at 125 and 145 days for PR and ER than CON. Protein restriction increased (P<0.01) maternal cortisol concentration by 145 days of gestation, and ER decreased (P<0.01) maternal insulin concentration at 125 days of gestation. Moreover, maternal amino acid (AA) concentrations were affected by nutritional restriction, with greater (P<0.05) total AA (TAA) and nonessential AA (NEAA) for PR goats but less (P<0.05) TAA and NEAA for ER goats at 125 days of gestation. After 6 weeks of nutritional recovery, plasma concentrations of most metabolic and hormonal parameters in restricted kids were similar to CON kids, except for reduced (P<0.05) insulin concentration in ER, and reduced (P<0.05) Asp concentration in PR and ER kids. These results provide information on potential metabolic mechanisms responsible for fetal programming.


Corresponding author



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Effect of protein or energy restriction during late gestation on hormonal and metabolic status in pregnant goats and postnatal male offspring

  • Z. X. He (a1) (a2), Z. H. Sun (a3), K. A. Beauchemin (a2), W. Z. Yang (a2), S. X. Tang (a1), C. S. Zhou (a1), X. F. Han (a1), M. Wang (a1), J. H. Kang (a1) and Z. L. Tan (a1)...


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