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Dietary ractopamine supplementation of pregnant sows: what are the impacts on the neonate?

  • C. H. G. Martinez (a1), G. M. Ravagnani (a1), B. B. D. Muro (a1), M. V. Mendonça (a1), M. S. Passarelli (a1), D. H. Nakasone (a1), R. F. Carnevale (a1), R. F. Strefezzi (a2), S. M. M. K. Martins (a1) and A. F. C. Andrade (a1)...


The use of additives such as ractopamine (Rac) in pregnant sows during early-mid pregnancy is an alternative to increase foetal and progeny growth and development. However, Rac supplementation in finishing pigs can lead to behavioural and physiological changes similar to the typical stress responses. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of dietary supplementation with Rac in pregnant sows from day 25 to 50 of gestation (pre-hyperplastic stage) on piglet’s vitality, blood parameters, number, diameter and perimeter of muscle fibres in semitendinosus muscle and developmental characteristics of piglets at birth to weaning. Forty-one hybrid sows were divided into three dietary treatments: (1) control diet without Rac (control), (2) addition of 10 mg/kg of Rac (Rac10) and (3) addition of 20 mg/kg of Rac (Rac20). Higher numbers of low-vitality piglets (P<0.05) were observed in Rac-fed sows, regardless of dose, compared with the control group. Very low-density lipoprotein levels were lower in the Rac10 group when compared with the Rac20 group at day 21. Haematocrit was greater, and the mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration was lower in piglets from Rac-fed sows. No significant statistical differences were detected regarding piglets body weight, average daily gain, blood gasometry, complete blood count and muscle fibre measurements in semitendinosus muscle. The use of Rac in pregnant sows reduced the vitality parameters of piglets but did not improve the performance from birth until weaning and did not negatively influence the haematological parameter and lipid metabolism.


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Dietary ractopamine supplementation of pregnant sows: what are the impacts on the neonate?

  • C. H. G. Martinez (a1), G. M. Ravagnani (a1), B. B. D. Muro (a1), M. V. Mendonça (a1), M. S. Passarelli (a1), D. H. Nakasone (a1), R. F. Carnevale (a1), R. F. Strefezzi (a2), S. M. M. K. Martins (a1) and A. F. C. Andrade (a1)...


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