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Major Revisions in the Pleistocene Age Assignments for North American Human Skeletons by C-14 Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: None Older Than 11,000 C-14 Years B.P.

  • R. E. Taylor (a1), L. A. Payen (a1), C. A. Prior (a1), P. J. Slota (a1), R. Gillespie (a2), J. A. J. Gowlett (a2), R. E. M. Hedges (a2), A. J. T. Jull (a3), T. H. Zabel (a3), D. J. Donahue (a3) and R. Berger (a4)...


Radiocarbon analyses by accelerator mass spectrometric (AMS) techniques on organic fractions of human bone from various North American localities previously assigned ages ranging from about 70,000 to 15,000 years B.P. now suggest that none of these skeletons is older than 11,000 C-14 years B.P.



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