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For over six decades, the Applied Probability Trust (APT) has been an influential publisher of world-leading scientific work within the area of applied probability. In a bid to shed new light on the breadth of topics covered in its journals throughout the years, the editorial board has embarked on a venture to curate and disseminate collections of articles focusing on specific subjects.

Preceding each calendar year, the editorial board identifies pivotal themes in applied probability, shaping the forthcoming year's collections. A specialist from the editorial board is then selected to compile each collection, supported by the Executive Editor.

These curated collections showcase cutting-edge developments in the field of applied probability. They provide an in-depth exploration of applications and theoretical advancements, affirming the APT's commitment to advancing the understanding and application of probability in solving complex problems.

Take a look at our most recent collection below.

Extreme Value Theory

You can also see a complete set of APT collections here: