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Spatial birth-death processes with multiple changes and applications to batch service networks and clustering processes

  • Richard J. Boucherie (a1) and Nico M. Van Dijk (a1)


Reversible spatial birth-death processes are studied with simultaneous jumps of multi-components. A relationship is established between (i) a product-form solution, (ii) a partial symmetry condition on the jump rates and (iii) a solution of a deterministic concentration equation. Applications studied are reversible networks of queues with batch services and blocking and clustering processes such as those found in polymerization chemistry. As illustrated by examples, known results are hereby unified and extended. An expectation interpretation of the transition rates is included.


Corresponding author

Postal address for both authors: Faculteit der Economische Wetenschappen en Econometrie, Vrije Universiteit, Postbus 7161, 1007 MC Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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Spatial birth-death processes with multiple changes and applications to batch service networks and clustering processes

  • Richard J. Boucherie (a1) and Nico M. Van Dijk (a1)


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