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  • Print publication year: 2004
  • Online publication date: June 2014

10 - Salu Father of Zimri to Zur Father of Cozbi

  • Edited by Philip R. Davies, University of Sheffield
  • Publisher: Acumen Publishing
  • pp 61-64


Message of Salu, head of the house of Zohar in the tribe of Simeon among the people of Israel, and father of the honourable Zimri. To Zur, head of the clan of Epher among the people of Midian, and father of the precious Cozbi. May the gods watch over you and your people.

But now, my heart is heavy with the words that I must send to you this day, so soon after receiving your gracious words by the hand of Cozbi. A sword has come upon us that will pierce your heart too, and great evil is around us that must be made known to you. There is danger for the house of Zohar in my sending of this letter, though we have already lost the greater part of our hope for the days to come and so have little left to lose. Even so I would wish to spare my house from further suffering. I am entrusting these words to the faithful and resourceful Ishmor, the most likely among us to be able to evade those who would seek to enclose us, and so he may reach you before the storm comes upon your people. I know that you will treat him well, despite the dark news that he brings to you.

The light that Cozbi brought to us is no more. And Zimri too has been taken from us.