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  • Print publication year: 2011
  • Online publication date: August 2011

6 - Clays modified with thermally stable ionic liquids with applications in polyolefin and polylactic acid nanocomposites

from Part I - Thermal stability



A variety of discontinuous (short) functional fillers may be combined with thermoplastic or thermoset matrices to produce composites. The fillers may differ in shape (fibers, platelets, flakes, spheres, or irregulars), aspect ratio, and size. When the fully dispersed (exfoliated or deagglomerated) fillers are of nanoscale dimensions, the materials are known as nanocomposites. They differ from conventional microcomposites in that they contain a significant number of interfaces available for interactions between the intermixed phases. As a result of their unique properties, nanocomposites have great potential for applications involving polymer property modification utilizing low filler concentrations for minimum weight increase; examples include mechanical, electrical, optical, and barrier properties improvement and enhanced flame retardancy.

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