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  • Print publication year: 1996
  • Online publication date: December 2009



Teachers as Course Developers is designed to help teachers understand how to develop courses or modify existing ones using their own experiences as well as the experiences and theories of others. It attempts to capture that process in action through the stories of six teachers who, themselves, have developed courses.

Chapter 1 discusses teachers as course developers in a general sense. Chapter 2 describes a framework of components in course development — assessing needs; determining goals and objectives; conceptualizing content; deciding on materials, activities, and techniques; organizing content and activities; evaluating; and considering resources and constraints — as well as issues for teachers to consider in the process. Chapters 3 through 8 are the accounts of six experienced teachers who describe the process of developing a course. Each account is followed by an analysis and a set of questions and tasks that ask the reader to consider a particular aspect of the framework discussed in Chapter 2. A list of suggested readings appears at the end of the book for those interested in learning more about curriculum theory and course design processes.