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5 - Ideal-Gas Shock Wave???Turbulent Boundary-Layer Interactions in Supersonic Flows and Their Modeling: Three-Dimensional Interactions



This chapter continues the description of supersonic turbulent shock wave–boundary layer interactions (STBLIs) by examining the flowfield structure of three-dimensional interactions. The capability of modern computational methods to predict the observed details of these flowfields is discussed for several canonical configurations, and the relationships between them and two-dimensional interactions (see Chapter 4) are explored.

Three-Dimensional Turbulent Interactions

To aid in the understanding of three-dimensional STBLIs, we consider a number of fundamental geometries based on the shape of the shock-wave generator – namely, sharp unswept (Fig. 5.1a) and swept (Fig. 5.1b) fins, semicones (Fig. 5.1c), swept compression ramps (SCRs) (Fig. 5.1d), blunt fins (Fig. 5.1e), and double sharp unswept fins (Fig. 5.1f). More complex three-dimensional shock-wave interactions generally contain elements of one or more of these basic categories. The first four types of shock-wave generators are examples of so-called dimensionless interactions [1] (Fig. 5.1a–d). Here, the shock-wave generator has an overall size sufficiently large compared to the boundary-layer thickness δ that any further increase in size does not affect the flow. The blunt-fin case (Fig. 5.1e) is an example of a dimensional interaction characterized by the additional length scale of the shock-wave generator (i.e., the leading-edge thickness). The crossing swept-shock-wave interaction case (Fig. 5.1f) represents a situation with a more complex three-dimensional flow topology. We briefly discuss the most important physical properties of these three-dimensional flows and provide examples of numerical simulations.

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