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Reputation and Judicial Tactics
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Book description

This book argues that national and international courts seek to enhance their reputations through the strategic exercise of judicial power. Courts often cannot enforce their judgments and must rely on reputational sanctions to ensure compliance. One way to do this is for courts to improve their reputation for generating compliance with their judgments. When the court's reputation is increased, parties will be expected to comply with its judgments and the reputational sanction on a party that fails to comply will be higher. This strategy allows national and international courts, which cannot enforce their judgments against states and executives, to improve the likelihood that their judgments will be complied with over time. This book describes the judicial tactics that courts use to shape their judgments in ways that maximize their reputational gains.

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Israeli Supreme Court

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  • HCJ 2056/04 Beit Sourik Village Council v. The Government of Israel [2004] IsrSC 58(5) 807.

  • CrimA 347/88 Demjanjuk v. The State of Israel [1993] IsrSC 47(4) 221.

  • HCJ 8397/06 Eduardo v. Minister of Defense [2007] IsrSC 62(2) 198.

  • CrimFH 2316/95 Ganimat v. State of Israel, [1995] IsrSC 49(4) 589.

  • CA 7379/06 G.M.H.L Building Company 1992 limited v. Issai Taholian (not yet published September 10, 2009).

  • HCJ 118/80 Grinstein v. The Military Advocate General [1981] IsrSC 35(1) 239.

  • HCJ 6427/02 Hatnua Leeichut Hashilton v. The Knesset [2006] IsrSC 61(1) 619.

  • HCJ 2605/05 Human Rights Division v. The Minister of Finance (not yet published, November 19, 2009).

  • HCJ 1715/97 Israel Investments Directors Office v. Minister of Finance, [1997] IsrSC 51(4) 367.

  • HCJ 241/60 Kardosh v. Registrar of Companies [1961] IsrSC 15(2) 1151.

  • HCJ 4542/02 Kav Laoved Association v. The Government of Israel [2006] IsrSC 61(1) 346.

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  • HCJ 7733/04 Nasser v. Commander of IDF Forces in the West Bank (not yet published, June 20, 2005).

  • EA 2/84 Neiman v. Chairman of the Central Election Committeefor the 11th Knesset [1985] IsrSC 39 (2) 225.

  • EA 1/88 Neiman v. Chairman of the Central Election committee for the 12th Knesset [1988] IsrSC 42 (4) 177.

  • HCJ 6728/06 “Ometz” Association (Citizens for Good Governance and Social Justice) v. The Prime Minister of Israel (not yet published, November 30, 2006).

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  • HCJ 2028/08 Public Committee Against Torture v. Israel (decision, March 24, 2009).

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  • CA 311/57 The Attorney General v. Dizengoff and Partners (SIT) limited [1959] IsrSC 13 1026.

  • HCJ 4885/03 The Israeli Birds Breeders Organization Agricultural Cooperation Society Ltd v. The Israeli Government [2005] IsrSC 59(2) 14.

  • HCJ 2732/05 The Mayor of Azon, Hasin v. The Government of Israel (not yet published, June 15, 2006).

  • HCJ 6427/02 The Movement for Quality of Government in Israel v. Knesset [2006] IsrSC 61(1) 619.

  • HCJ 6055/95 Tzemah v. Minister of Defense [1999] IsrSC 53(5) 241.

  • Cr.A. 3660/03 Ubeid v. Israel (not published, September 8, 2005).

  • EA 1/65 Yardor v. The Chair of the Electoral Committee of the 6th Knesset [1965] IsrSC 19(3) 365.

  • HCJ 8414/05 Yasin v. The Government of Israel [2007] IsrSC 62(2) 822.

  • HCJ 466/07 Zahava Gal-On v. The Attorney General (not yet published January 11, 2012).

European Court of Human Rights

  • A and Others v. The United Kingdom, judgment of February 19, 2009, Reports of Judgments and Decisions 2009.

  • Airey case, judgment of October 9, 1979, EUR. Ct. H.R. (ser. A)32.

  • Al-Jedda v. The United Kingdom, judgment of July 7, 2011 (Application No. 27021/08).

  • Al-Skeini and Others v. The United Kingdom, judgment of July 7, 2011 (Application. No. 55721/07).

  • Artico v. Italy, judgment of May 13, 1980 EUR. Ct. H.R. (ser. A)37.

  • Assanidze v. Georgia, judgment of April 8, 2004, 2004-II EUR. Ct. H.R. 221.

  • Bankovic and Others v. Belgium and Others, decision of December 12, 2001, EUR. Ct. H.R. 2001-XII 333.

  • Broniowski v. Poland, judgment of June 22, 2004, 2004-V EUR. Ct. H.R. 1.

  • Christine Goodwin v. The United Kingdom, judgment of July 11, 2002, 2002-VI EUR. Ct. H.R. 1.

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  • Hirst v. The United Kingdom (No. 2), judgment of October 6, 2005, 2005-IX EUR. Ct. H.R. 187.

  • Hutten-Czapska v. Poland, judgment of June 19, 2006, 2006-VIII EUR. Ct. H.R. 57.

  • Ilascu and Others v. Moldova and Russia, judgment of July 8, 2004, 2004-VII EUR. Ct. H.R. 179.

  • Case of Klass and Others, judgment of September 6, 1978 EUR. Ct. H.R. (ser. A)28.

  • Lawless v. Ireland (No. 3), judgment of July 1, 1961, EUR. Ct. H.R. (ser. A)3.

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  • Magomed Musayev and Others v. Russia, judgment of October 23, 2008 (application no. 8979/02).

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U.S. Supreme Court

  • Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. v. Wilderness Society, 421 U.S. 240 (1975).

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  • Fairfax’s Devisee v. Hunter’s Lessee, 11 U.S. 603 (1813).

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  • Medellin v. Texas, 552 U.S. 491 (2008).

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International Court of Justice

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European Court of Justice

  • Case 48/74 Mr. Charmasson v. Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance, 1974 E.C.R II-1383.


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