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  • Print publication year: 2001
  • Online publication date: June 2012

Appendix B - Detroit Survey Items and Measures


In this appendix we describe the items from our 1992 survey and the composite measures based on responses to those items that we employed in the figures and tables in this book, listed in the order in which the figures and tables appear. Each item or measure is described in conjunction with the figure or table in which it was introduced. Thus, any figure or table in which no “new” items or measures were introduced is not included here.

Figure 2.3:

Based on responses to: If you could find housing you would want and like, would you rather live in a neighborhood that is all-black, mostly black, half black–half white, mostly white, or all white?

Figure 2.4:

Based on responses to: Some civil rights leaders say that blacks should be more concerned with developing the black community than with working for integration. Do you mostly agree or mostly disagree with this?

Figure 2.5:

Based on responses to: On the whole, do you think most white people in the Detroit area want to see blacks get a better break, or do they want to keep blacks down, or don't they care one way or the other?