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  • Print publication year: 2004
  • Online publication date: June 2018

Tools for Information Professionals

from Tools for Information Professionals


Introductions to the subject

The internet under the hood: an introduction to network technologies for information professionals

R.E. Molyneux Libraries Unlimited, 2003, 328pp. $40.00. ISBN 1591580056.

‘Providing a clear and comprehensive introduction to network applications and concepts, this practical text covers the Internet; IP addresses; network operating systems; routing; domain names; servers; file formats; and more. It also includes information about the economics of the Internet, privacy, intellectual property, and legal issues.’

‘Molyneux provides a readable and often engaging primer for setting up your library, organization, or home office network.a valuable guide for the information professional who either is new to networking or who seeks greater understanding of these technologies and their applications.’ (Public Libraries)

Science and technology research: writing strategies for students

T. Neville, D. Henry and B. Neville Scarecrow Press, 2002, 232pp. $24.95. ISBN 081084429X.

Contents are: Entering the library world; Getting focused; The first step: dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other readyreference resources; Getting down to business; Composing your search strategy; Advanced on-line searching; Moving along: locating books; Locating information in journals, conference proceedings, and newspapers; Locating quality information on the World Wide Web; Government resources; What have I found?; Evaluating information; Where do I go from here? Appendices: Ten tips for efficient library research; Sample research strategy.

‘The book is an excellent introductory textbook for library technicians and library staff being trained to provide research assistance services. The principles of research are concisely presented and the writing is very accessible. Those looking for in depth coverage of science and technology research sources and skills should look elsewhere.’ (E-STREAMS)

The semantic web: a guide to the future of XML, web services, and knowledge management

M.C. Daconta, L.J. Obrst and K.T. Smith Wiley, 2003, 281pp. $35.00. ISBN 0471432571.

An easily read introductory overview with very good coverage of: the semantic web as a concept; XML; web services; RDF (Resource Description Framework); taxonomies; ontologies. There is a helpful last chapter Crafting your company's roadmap to the semantic web.