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  • Print publication year: 2004
  • Online publication date: June 2018

Physics & Astronomy



Introductions to the subject

The Cambridge companion to Newton

I.B. Cohen and G.E. Smith, ed. Cambridge University Press, 2002, 514pp. £15.99. ISBN 0521656966.

In this text ‘distinguished contributors examine the main aspects of Newton's thought’, including not only his work in mathematics and physics, but also his other investigations into alchemy, theology, and prophecy.

  • The Newtonian moment: science and the making of modern culture M. Feingold; New York Public Library and University of Cambridge Oxford University Press, 2005, 234pp. £25.00. ISBN 0195177355. [COMPANION]. Produced to accompany an exhibition at NYPL co-sponsored by the University of Cambridge Library: 8 October 2004 – 5 February 2005.
  • Cosmology and controversy: the historical development of two theories of the universe H. Kragh See entry no. 698

    The elements of physics

    I.S. Grant and W.R. Phillips Oxford University Press, 2001, 789pp. £32.99. ISBN 0198518781. [COMPANION]

    Good reliable solid text in seven parts: Mechanics; Vibrations and waves; Quantum physics; Properties of matter; Electricity and magnetism; Relativity; Mathematical review. ‘The new text is elegantly produced and maintains an excellent standard. It is well illustrated, but not as profusely as American texts; this economy is welcome.’ (Times Higher Education Supplement)

    Explorations in physics: an activity-based approach to understanding the world

    D.P. Jackson, P.W. Laws and S.V. Franklin Wiley, 2002, 368pp. $59.95. ISBN 0471324248.

    A valuable source of projects and topics for pre-degree and undergraduate students and their teachers. Well presented materials include various problems for the reader to tackle, if wished, to gain a greater depth of understanding of a topic. ‘A useful, well researched and interesting book. an excellent source of inventive and fascinating teaching ideas.’ (Physical Sciences Educational Reviews)

    Fundamentals of physics: extended edition

    D. Halliday, R. Resnick and J. Walker 7th edn, Wiley, 2004, 1328pp. $140.95. ISBN 0471232319.

    Leading textbook available in a variety of offerings. This extended edition provides enhanced coverage of developments in physics in the last 100 years, including: Einstein and Relativity, Bohr and others and Quantum Theory, and more recent theoretical developments such as String Theory.

    URL gives access to details of the full range of Wiley's higher education texts for physics – and for other subjects.

    Newton's Principia for the common reader

    S. Chandrasekhar Oxford University Press, 2003, 616pp. £52.50.