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  • Print publication year: 2015
  • Online publication date: July 2015



This work started as the idea of bringing together pioneering scholars for a state-of-the-art edited volume on mindfulness in organizations. The goal was to help put this novel area of research “on the map” of organizational scholarship. Seeing the quality of the various chapters, we are hopeful that this goal will be achieved. Along the way, it has been a wonderful journey to help this book develop from a simple idea to reality. This journey would not have been possible without the help of our editorial team. We would like to thank Paula Parish for supporting the idea of this book from the beginning and offering crucial guidance throughout. We are also grateful to Claire Wood, Rob Wilkinson and Deborah Renshaw for their excellent editorial work.

For Jochen, it has been an extraordinary experience working with such a dedicated and professional group of contributors. I had been warned by experienced editors about uncooperative chapter authors and the need to chase after them. It turned out to be much easier than expected. I can only speculate that this was because of the passion the contributors have for mindfulness. I also feel fortunate that Paul came on board as editor; we complemented each other in a variety of ways. Many thanks go to Samantha Sim, Jocelyn Ho, and Jolylynn Tan for their help with formatting the chapters. The idea of this edited volume originally emerged from conversations with my colleague at National University of Singapore, Jayanth Narayanan. Jay, thank you for the many, many enjoyable conversations on mindfulness and related topics.

I believe that individuals, organizations, and societies can benefit from the practice of mindfulness in many ways. Research such as that presented in this book can support informed practice. Ultimately, I believe that the “miracle” of mindfulness needs to be experienced personally. This book will have served its purpose if it inspires more scholars and organizations to not only study, but also practically experiment with mindfulness.