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  • Print publication year: 2012
  • Online publication date: November 2012

8 - Solar Power System Econometric and Analytical Software Solution



The following article is a summary description of analytical software that provides instantaneous solar power system integration cost calculation and financial econometrics for large-scale grid connected solar power systems.

The program is intended to provide private owners as well as financial entities that are involved in solar power system construction funding lease purchase agreements or Power Purchase Agreements.

The main objective of the software program is to provide a software tool that allows users to insert numerous variables associated with labor, material, engineering design, solar power performance characteristics, energy cost escalation algorithms, and other factors required to perform detailed financial calculations.

Econometric Analytic Software System

A significant feature of the Solar Power Econometric Analysis is that the costing analytical methodology, unlike conventional accounting methodology used for capital equipment depreciation and return on investment, deploys specific computational algorithms that conform to real life solar power system integration costing, photovoltaic system performance characteristic parameters under various climatic conditions, solar platform venues, PV system intrinsic degradation, and much more.