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  • Print publication year: 2008
  • Online publication date: August 2009

18 - QOS in Fixed Wireless Cellular Mobile Convergent Networks

from Part VI - Fixed-Mobile Convergence Services, Industry Trends, and Implementation Issues


Fixed-Mobile Convergent Network Management

In Chapters 2 and 3 we provided an extensive introduction to the concepts of network and service management, with no specific reference there to wireless networks or fixed-mobile convergent networks. At this point, we use the layered architecture known as Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) to analyze these concepts. The layered TMN architecture is presented in Figure 18.1.

TMN consists of five logical/functional layers implemented as interconnected management applications. The first three layers, Network Element Layer (NEL), Element Management Layer (EML), and Network Management Layer (NML) deal with network management as a whole and network management sub-divisions such as EML and NEL. The main characteristics of each layer are shown in Figure 18.1.

The next layer, the Service Management Layer (SML), provides management of services, monitors the connectivity between multiple service providers, and deals with specific aspects of service management such as Quality of Service and Service Level Agreements.

Management of convergent networks means management of all those networks that are part of an integrated mobile and fixed wireless network. Network management includes monitoring and controlling the capabilities of all vital network components, including diagnosing faults, modifying configurations, measuring performance, providing billing/charging information, and securing network operations. A high-level depiction of convergent wireless networks management is shown in Figure 18.2.

Convergent network management can be achieved through dedicated network management systems that provide separation of management aspects from the switching and transport aspects.

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