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  • Print publication year: 2001
  • Online publication date: February 2013

VI - Arthurian Literature, Art, and Film, 1995–1999


The following is an encyclopedic treatment, thorough but surely not complete, of Arthurian novels, stories, films, and other forms created between 1995 and the early months of 1999. The 1995 date was chosen because it marked the most recent version of The New Arthurian Encyclopedia (New York: Garland Publishing); since that time, there has been no systematic accounting of new Arthuriana. In addition to the titles that date from those four years, we also include some earlier material not treated elsewhere in earlier listings. Some of that material dates from the nineteenth century and earlier, but we also present discussions of the Arthurian themes and motifs in the works, for example, of Faulkner and Hemingway.

In some instances, our pages deal with new Arthurian works by authors whose previous efforts were documented in The New Arthurian Encyclopedia. Where that occurs, we have chosen not to duplicate material from that volume, but instead to include parenthetical references, identified by NAE and a page number. Those references are to the 1995 Updated Edition of the Encyclopedia.

That the flood of Arthuriana continues unabated is apparent. We present here some 150 entries, and a good many of those treat multiple titles. If there is a trend to be discerned in this compilation, it is that Arthur, of late, is rarely the subject of poetry and is absent from drama (except on the screen), whereas Arthurian themes thrive in fiction, film, and television presentations, as indeed they continue to do in popular culture, particularly in North America.