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Elements in Women in the History of Philosophy provides concise and scholarly introductions to women’s contributions to philosophy from the ancient era to the early twentieth century.

Each Element is devoted to a particular female thinker or female tradition, and offers a survey of key philosophical ideas and recent scholarship in the field, while also advancing new perspectives and original research.

The series is reflective of the diverse range of women’s philosophical interests, from ethics, feminism, political thought, philosophy of religion, and educational theory to logic, epistemology, and metaphysics.

About the Editor

Jacqueline Broad is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Monash University, Australia. Her area of expertise is early modern philosophy, with a special focus on seventeenth and eighteenth-century women philosophers. She is the author of Women Philosophers of the Seventeenth Century (CUP, 2002), A History of Women’s Political Thought in Europe, 1400-1700 (with Karen Green; CUP, 2009), and The Philosophy of Mary Astell: An Early Modern Theory of Virtue (OUP, 2015).

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