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  • ISSN: 1035-3046 (Print), 1838-2673 (Online)
  • Editor: Diana Kelly University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Editorial board
The Economic & Labour Relations Review is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal that aims to bring together research in economics and labour relations in a multi-disciplinary approach to policy questions. The journal encourages articles that critically assess dominant orthodoxies, as well as alternative models, thereby facilitating informed debate. The journal particularly encourages articles that adopt a post-Keynesian (heterodox) approach to economics, or that explore rights-, equality- or justice-based approaches to economic or social policy, employment relations or labour studies .

April Article of the Month

Our April article of the Month is Jenny Chan's thoughtful and provocative introduction to the September 2023 Themed Collection on Labour Conflict, Forms of Organisation, and Class (which was, in fact, shared across four scholarly journals). The introduction is a critical analysis of research possibilities defined by her starting assumption that class has always been a fundamental form of social power. Chan articulates the need to more explicitly set class domination as the normative dimension for labour studies, noting that the pandemic emphasised the deep-seated class, race, ethnic and gender attributes which shape working people’s access to work, quality jobs, and living wages. In exploring these ideas, Chan and her colleagues seek to conceptualise labour conflict and collective action in broader class analysis, and to examine the combined effect of state policies, migration, and digital innovation on contemporary labour politics. We highly recommend the work!

2022 Nevile-Plowman Award Ceremony


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