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  • ISSN: 1054-2043 (Print), 1531-4715 (Online)
  • Editor: Richard Schechner Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, USA
  • Editorial board
TDR is scholarly, accessible, and dynamic with a global appeal. Each article is tightly focused, but the effect of the whole is of a broad range of topics. TDR is at the cutting edge of performance studies. TDR supports progressive political and social movements and ideas. TDR is inclusive and interdisciplinary. Written by and for scholars and artists—and their students—TDR is where leaders and future leaders of performance studies go for performance texts, performative writing, editorials, reviews, and articles about the performing arts, performance in everyday life, politics, popular entertainment, business, and sports.

TDR Blog

  • Forthcoming: Addressing Ongoing Threats
  • 07 September 2022, TDR Editors
  • In our next issue, TDR is publishing two significant essays in the TDR Comments section of the journal: “A Letter from Moscow” by a scholar who lives there;...
  • The Loss of Fear as Civic Performance
  • 16 June 2022, Candice Amich
  • Antiwar activists carve “no to war” in frozen rivers, spray-paint slogans of peace in the snow. They scrawl on banknotes, putting their opposition into circulation....
  • Stealth Intelligence
  • 01 March 2022, mayfield brooks
  • We live in an era of absence. Lockdowns, quarantines, hospitals, and face masks: fear of contamination disappears the body from public space and discourse.…...

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