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Advertising information

For media information and advertising rates, please contact:

Stephen H. P. Mell
Advertising Manager
PTM Publishers Limited

Tel: +44 (0)20 8642 0162


  • The publication of advertisements does not constitute any endorsement of the products advertised by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, BJPsych Editors, or Cambridge University Press.
  • Advertising is subject to editorial oversight from the editorial team.
  • BJPsych does not allow advertising or revenue potential to influence editorial decisions.
  • The editorial content of each issue is compiled independently of any advertising booked for the same issue.
  • Advertisements will not knowingly be placed against editorial content relating to the same subject or product.
  • Advertisements must be clearly distinguishable from the peer-reviewed editorial content published in the Journal.
  • Advertisements must be truthful and comply with all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes.
  • The Journal will not accept advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, or illegal products.
  • Advertisements from competitors may be accepted at the discretion of the editorial team.
  • BJPsych does not accept sponsored supplements. Those interested in publishing a supplement should consider BJPsych Open as an alternative option. Contact the editorial office via