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  • Editor: Professor Ian A. McFarland Candler School of Theology|Rita Anne Rollins Building|1531 Dickey Drive|Atlanta, Georgia 30322 USA
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Scottish Journal of Theology is an international journal of systematic, historical and biblical theology. Since its foundation in 1948, it has become established as one of the world's leading theological journals, seeking to promote critical engagement across the full range of the Christian tradition. Scottish Journal of Theology provides an ecumenical forum for debate, and engages in extensive reviewing of theological and biblical literature.

July Article of the Month

Divine simplicity and scripture: a theological reading of Exodus 3:14

Jonathan M. Platter


Exodus 3:14 had traditionally been taken as God's self-identification as ‘being-itself’, and hence as a source for the doctrine of divine simplicity. I begin this essay by arguing that the appropriateness of this interpretation of Exodus 3:14 should be evaluated by attention to the judgements about God made within scripture rather than merely the semantic range of a few words. There are three questions elicited by Exodus 3:1–14, concerning God's incomparability, intimacy and ineffability, that are relevant to the significance of verse 14 for divine simplicity. Consideration of the kind of judgements these questions elicit about God allows a case to be made for the aptness of divine simplicity to hold the judgements together, thereby allowing for a more sympathetic retrieval of premodern uses of Exodus 3:14.

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