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Standardizing Spatial Reconstruction Parameters for the Atom Probe Analysis of Common Minerals

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  01 December 2021

Denis Fougerouse*
School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Curtin University, Perth, 6102, Australia Geoscience Atom Probe Facility, John de Laeter Centre, Curtin University, Perth, 6102, Australia
David W. Saxey
Geoscience Atom Probe Facility, John de Laeter Centre, Curtin University, Perth, 6102, Australia
William D. A. Rickard
Geoscience Atom Probe Facility, John de Laeter Centre, Curtin University, Perth, 6102, Australia
Steven M. Reddy
School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Curtin University, Perth, 6102, Australia Geoscience Atom Probe Facility, John de Laeter Centre, Curtin University, Perth, 6102, Australia
Rick Verberne
Centre for Star and Planet Formation, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 1350, Denmark
*Corresponding author: Denis Fougerouse, E-mail:
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Well-defined reconstruction parameters are essential to quantify the size, shape, and distribution of nanoscale features in atom probe tomography (APT) datasets. However, the reconstruction parameters of many minerals are difficult to estimate because intrinsic spatial markers, such as crystallographic planes, are not usually present within the datasets themselves. Using transmission and/or scanning electron microscopy imaging of needle-shaped specimens before and after atom probe analysis, we test various approaches to provide best-fit reconstruction parameters for voltage-based APT reconstructions. The results demonstrate that the length measurement of evaporated material, constrained by overlaying pre- and post-analysis images, yields more consistent reconstruction parameters than the measurement of final tip radius. Using this approach, we provide standardized parameters that may be used in APT reconstructions of 11 minerals. The adoption of standardized reconstruction parameters by the geoscience APT community will alleviate potential problems in the measurement of nanoscale features (e.g., clusters and interfaces) caused by the use of inappropriate parameters.

Application to Minerals
Copyright © The Author(s), 2021. Published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the Microscopy Society of America

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