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  • ISSN: 1045-6635 (Print), 2325-5080 (Online)
  • Editors: Julia Hendon Gettysburg College, USA, and Calogero Santoro Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile
Latin American Antiquity is a quarterly journal that publishes original papers on the archaeology, ethnohistory, and art history of Latin America and the Caribbean and all regions in the continental New World that are south of the current U.S.-Mexico border. The journal publishes ARTICLES, REPORTS, and COMMENTS in method and theory, field research, and analysis that use a Latin American database as defined above. 
'People and Dogs' - a collection for SAA 2022

The connections between dogs and humans goes back to the earliest occupation of the Americas. This collection from Latin American Antiquity features articles that highlight the different forms these connections might take. Research from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, and Dominican Republic discusses canine diet, their roles in life and death, and the possible breeds present in different areas and time periods. Articles are free to read until the end of May 2022. Explore the collection.
Julia Hendon, Co-editor

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