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  • ISSN: 2053-4477 (Print), 2053-4485 (Online)
  • Editor: John Heil Washington University in St. Louis, USA, Monash University, AUS and Durham University, UK
  • Editorial board
Appearing quarterly in print and online, the Journal of the American Philosophical Association provides a platform for original work in all areas of philosophy. The Journal aims to publish compelling papers written in a way that can be appreciated by philosophers of every persuasion and to review papers quickly and fairly, encouraging succinct, constructive reports. The Journal operates a triple anonymous review system. Papers are published online early via FirstView as soon as feasible after acceptance. Instructions for contributors, statistics on acceptance rate and time to first decision, and a statement on the Journal's open access policies can be found here. The full Editorial Statement can be found here. The Journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


The Journal is pleased to announce a new series, Race and African-American Philosophy, that will be edited by Anita Allen (University of Pennsylvania) and Tommie Shelby (Harvard). The series, like the Journal's established series on Women in the History of Philosophy and Non-Western Philosophies, will feature occasional papers on topics related to perspectives on race and African-American philosophy.

The Journal is committed to publishing papers that break new ground, papers from both early-career and established philosophers, papers on topics that draw from and appeal to diverse philosophical constituencies and traditions, papers that can be appreciated by philosophers not already steeped in the subject matter. We believe that the new series will offer a high-profile platform for wide-ranging scholarship and afford an exciting opportunity for philosophers not currently working on the topics of race and African-American philosophy to benefit from a vibrant area of research they might not otherwise have encountered.

The guest editors have been soliciting papers, and we expect that the first of these will appear during 2021.

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